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Talviretkeily Etelä-Suomessa.

winter season

1.11.2024-30.4.2025. ​

when the summer season changes to the winter season at Going Nowhere Resort let's enjoy the winter nature WITHIN day trips. ​ ​

a warm setting for winter day trips

Laavu provides a great setting to spend a day in winter

in the forest among your own group. In the winter season,

you get the laavu with equipment for your own use, and if you wish,

we will bring excursion snacks from our menu to the location.

In Laavu, you can find a variety of comforts for the dark and cold.

You can wrap yourself up with warm textiles and waist belts to the hammock

to look at the starry sky, or go for a walk in the nearby countryside

along paths lined with lanterns.


There is a charging point on the porch, where there are

two already charged backup power source to use. ​

In the yard, there is an open campfire site with

kitchen equipment for cooking, and drinking water. ​

If you want to try winter extreme,

you can do so for an additional fee (€50)

ready for use Assembled four-person tent sauna with equipment,

which will surely be remembered as an experience.

Towels and other equipment are then included in the package. ​

Puucee is compostable, and there you can find

the necessary equipment and hygiene products.

Puucee's comfort of use is increased by lighting

all the way to the destination. ​ ​

We are happy to answer all inquiries,

so feel free to contact customer service only:

service in a nutshell:

for 1-10 people

€40 / person

Check in 10 am to 12 pm

check out at 8 pm

Road takes you all the way to location

Firewood and fire-making equipment

Water (for use and drinking)

Puucee (toilet) with sanitary ware

Field shower and tent-sauna with equipment

Field kitchen, cooking utensils, and cutlery

Sleeping equipment, linen and beddings towels

Backup power supplies

Breakfast basket

Tea and coffee

Final cleaning

Own peace

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