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Booking and cancellation conditions of Going Nowhere resort

These Booking Terms and Conditions bind both parties when, after making a reservation, the customer has received a booking confirmation or paid the invoice for the rental mentioned in these terms and conditions.


The prices mentioned on the website and in the price lists include tax, Going Nowhere resort reserves the right to make changes to the booking conditions and prices.


Contact details of a business;
Phone: +358408231206
Postal address: Pilpalantie 1098, 12750 Pilpala
Bisnes ID: 3289369-1


1. Reservation and confirmation

Going Nowhere Resort's appointment booking system is implemented using the Webia appointment booking service. When making an appointment, the customer's name, phone number and email address are required. This information is requested to complete the reservation. If you wish, you can request an explanation of what information about you is stored in the customer register. (read more under data protection). ​ The customer agrees to the terms and conditions in force at the time of booking. Reservations can only be made by adults. Confirmation and invoice will be delivered through the electronic reservation system, unless otherwise agreed. ​ If you do not receive a booking confirmation by email, check whether it has gone to spam or contact our customer service at info(at) and we will send you a new booking confirmation.

2. Payment

Products and services are ordered in the online store and by paying for the purchase in the online payment service. All customer information is treated confidentially. The contact information requested in connection with the order will not be used for anything other than the delivery of the order or the clarification of ambiguities arising in it, unless specifically stated otherwise.

3. Cancellations and rescheduling

The consumer has the right to cancel the ordered products and services within fourteen (14) days of receiving the product or service, excluding the date of receipt.

It is hoped that the consumer submits a return and cancellation notice by email to the address info(at) before canceling. The consumer can cancel the order without costs.

If there is a force majeure, Going Nowhere Resort can terminate the contract or propose moving the reservation to a later date or changing it to a gift card. If the reservation is canceled due to force majeure, the customer has the right to get back the services he paid.


If the reservation has to be interrupted due to the customer's disruptive behavior, or if the customer interrupts the reservation and leaves the destination before the end of the reservation, the services paid will not be returned.

4. Arrival and departure

The laavu and its surroundings are available to the customer during the time specified at the time of booking. If the customer arrives at the destination later than this, he must inform them otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.


If the customer fails to arrive and the reservation has not been canceled, Going Nowhere Resort is not obligated to refund the payment.


5. Stay at Going Nowhere resort

Laavu and its surroundings are a self-catering destination, so the customer uses and moves to and around the campfire site at his own risk and follows Everyone's Rights. The customer has the use of all the buildings, structures and accessories of the campfire during the rental period in accordance with the product description. 

Do not litter or destroy the environment, avoid making noise, respect the surrounding nature, animals and birds, as well as the privacy and peace of nearby residents.

The customer is expected to behave matter-of-factly and to follow the instructions and regulations given by the authorities. If the customer causes disturbance or danger to other customers in the area, Going Nowhere Resort has the right to cancel the reservation immediately after one notice.

The customer is expected to maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness during the visit and also when moving in nature.

The customer is responsible for the damage he causes to the object or to third parties. He is obliged to compensate damages caused by deliberate or negligent handling to chattels, the environment or buildings, according to their realized costs. 

Remember also: Finnish everyone's rights.


The customer must handle the open fire with care and ensure that the fire does not spread to the terrain. The customer must always carefully extinguish the fire before leaving the place.

Note! Open fires are not allowed at the fire site during a forest fire warning!!

The person who ignites the open fire is responsible for the fire. An open fire is never left unattended. Always be prepared, even before ignition, also for extinguishing. A campfire or other open fire may never be lit if the surrounding conditions, due to drought, wind or other reasons, are such that the danger of a forest fire, grass fire or other fire is obvious. 

Smoking is prohibited in the lodge and other buildings. Please note that all premises of the Going Nowhere resort are non-smoking. If you smoke, do it outdoors and collect your butts in the trash can. 

The customer is responsible for his own luggage. Going Nowhere Resort is not responsible for the customer's property on its premises. Going Nowhere Resort is not responsible for damage or loss of the customer's means of transport in the parking area or the property inside it.

Pets are only allowed on a leash in the area. Bringing pets must always be agreed in advance before making a reservation. Dogs must be kept on a leash and their waste must be cleaned out of the environment. 

The customer is responsible for all damages caused by his pet and himself in the area.

The use of your own tent or caravan in the Going Nowhere Resort operating area is prohibited.

6. Disagreements between the accommodation establishment and the customer

Going Nowhere Resort and the customer will primarily negotiate any disagreements between them. In situations of disagreement, the customer can get help from a consumer rights adviser. The customer can also refer the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board.

Any questions?

If something puzzled you, please contact us either by email or via the link below!

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