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Majoitus luonnossa.


Our accommodation covers the laavu

and the courtyard, where

your own peace and privacy is guaranteed. ​

Its equipment is intended to fill all

the needs of modern human with an ecological touch in an authentic environment. ​

You don't have to bring with

you nothing else than yourself

in clothes suitable for the weather. ​ ​




in A delightfully different lean-to with a green roof serves as accommodation, where the road leads to. There is also a small forest pond in the local area, and marked forest paths, if you want to go swimming or explore the nearby nature. ​ ​


first-class setting for a nature trip ​


The accommodation includes first-class facilities

to spend the night safely and comfortably:

Comprehensive overnight equipment can be found on site,

such as bedding and linen from mattresses to sheets.

They provide additional heat, in case of cold weather,

on the spot imported sleeping bags and wool blankets.

The interior is forest-like rustic, where every detail has been

thought out to increase comfort, from hammocks to atmospheric lighting.

There is a charging point inside, where you can find two already

charged backup power source to use. ​


The yard has an open campfire place, as well as kitchen equipment

for snacks for cooking over a campfire.

Drinking water, coffee and tea are also available here.

There is also a small field cold cellar in the yard,

where drinks and the snacks stay cool

and are safe from forest animals. ​


The tent sauna and shower offer the opportunity to relax

in a unique way and can be used as often as you just want to use the sauna.

There is washing water on site, as well as the possibility

to wash in connection with sauna. We also have towels and hygiene items

from shampoo to toothbrushes. ​


Puucee (toilet) is compostable, and there you can find the necessary equipment

and other hygiene products. Puucee's comfort of use is enhanced by lighting,

even in the dark of night transactions are easy. ​


Breakfast is included in the service and is delivered in the morning

on site at the previously agreed time. ​

The current menus can be found here. ​


We are on winter break from 6 October 2023 to 31 May 2024,


but we are happy to answer all inquiries,

so feel free to contact:

service in a nutshell:

For 1-4 people

95,9 € / person

Check in at 15-18  -  Check Out at 11

Road takes you all the way to location

Firewood and fire-making equipment

Water (for use and drinking)

Puucee (toilet) with sanitary ware

Field shower and tent-sauna with equipment

Field kitchen, cooking utensils, and cutlery

Sleeping equipment, linen and beddings towels

Backup power supplies

Breakfast basket

Tea and coffee

Final cleaning

Own peace

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