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Kotimaan luontomatkailu.


Going Nowhere Resort offers down-to-earth experience-accommodation in a unique destination in a small private forest.

we want to offer a break from everyday life
and a nature experience that doesn't have to be performance.


The well-being effects of nature and the importance

of nearby nature have been highlighted recently

as the world changes around us. The well-being of

a person's mind needs a peaceful idleness

in order to feel well. ​


Going Nowhere Resort offers a sympathetic nature tourism destination, where its effects on the environment are taken into account by minimizing them. ​


We prefer local food and seasonal products. We grow most of what we serve ourselves, we collect them from nature or we source them from local producers.


We prefer vegetarian food, although game meat is also available on the menu. These game species have been selected in such a way that they are harmful alien species. With this solution, we have made a choice of the free-grown option instead of intensively produced meat,

and at the same time the choice is one way to take part in the

fight against harmful alien species,

which again helps to maintain biodiversity. ​


We keep our operations small and simple, so that it does not burden

the environment unnecessarily, maintains the transparency of its operations and is able to serve customers in the best possible way, individually adapting to the customer's needs. ​

We don't offer organized activities, because we think passive hanging out in nature is an activity that the hectic modern world needs.

We also want to encourage our customers to increase their environmental awareness independently by following what is happening in the forest and applying for small on trails marked for research trips.


We are a nature resort, and we take it easy on vacation. We offer sustainable tourism eco-luxury and mental well-being in the middle of the forest. As a plus, we minimize the environmental impact of tourism on your behalf with our own way of operating, so you can focus on relaxing.


Making good choices is made for you as easy as possible, because we already do it for you.


close to helsinki


Going Nowhere resort is located in Southern Finland, in the village of Pilpala,

in the middle of nowhere,  yet close to the capital region.

Our accommodation is located on a private forest plot, which guarantees being in your own peace without other people. In the immediate countryside around the laavu, have easily accessible forest paths for small walks and research trips.

But if you don't feel like moving, you can always stay in the hammock and

enjoy the atmosphere of the forest.

Three kilometers from the accommodation are also located Komio nature reserve, as well as a half-hour drive away with clear water lake called Iso-Melkutin .

Even closer you can find many lakes and forests for being in nature.


The best way to get there is by car.



247 km from Jyväskylä

148 km from Turku

138 km from Tampere

64 km from Helsinki

46 km from Hyvinkää

30 km from Riihimäki

18 km from Karkkila

10 km from Loppi


Going Nowhere Resort is located in the middle of nowhere.

Pilpalantie 1098

12750 Pilpala

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